About N.K. Singh

N.K. Singh has been a formidable civil servant; an empathetic politician; a keen chronicler of India’s socioeconomic history and the quintessential academic that academia never got. His life’s work, as chronicled in this book has indeed been intertwined with the progress India has made. In many such cases, Singh has been not just an active contributor but has also given shape to those many momentous decisions— whether through the use of diplomacy or the rigours of understanding the mechanism of the levers of power or, for that matter, by consensus building.

Portraits of Power is not just an autobiography of a man, who for several decades has played an active role in India’s march towards becoming a formidable economy; it is indeed, on multiple levels, a book that profiles myriad institutions that work in harmony to make things happen. And in everything that N.K. Singh has done, so in this book too, there is both incisive clarity and insightful anecdotal heft.

This book helps readers navigate the vast complexities of India but in a way that is stark and yet elegant.

From personal happenings to national movements, Portraits of Power covers it all.

“An authentic narration of India’s rise as an economic power, written by an important shaper of our liberalisation strategy. This book blends careful analysis with witty anecdotal details. I am certain readers will find this account engaging and feel proud of what N.K. Singh has done for India.”

Dr. Manmohan Singh

Former Prime Minister of India

“N.K. Singh has played an important role over a long period of time in advising government leaders from various political parties on the need to ‘move with the times’. He has also played a significant role in formulating economic policy reforms and facilitating the opening up of various sectors of our economy. His well-defined strategies have enabled India to play an increasingly important role in the fast-changing global economic landscape.”

Ratan Tata

Chairman, Tata Trusts

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